Smart metering

Smart metering with high accuracy at low cost.

The operation of the “dynamic filter” is as follows. Through a combination of smart software and a more powerful processor, it is now possible to transmit data with high accuracy with limited additional costs.

The data is monitored with an (adjustable) frequency of 2 to 5 seconds. If there is no change of value of a variable or the change is within a preset delta, no data is transmitted. You can define the delta yourselves. If there is a change (greater than the preset delta), this data is transmitted immediately.

In addition, the actual value is sent, for instance, once an hour by default.

See the graph below.

In this example, a measurement is taken every 2 seconds. If the most recent measurement deviates less than the delta from the last measurement, the system does not send any data. If the deviation is larger than the predetermined delta, the new value is transmitted directly.

In this example, a value is also sent once per hour. This ensures that this variable is being measured.

The major advantage of this measurement method is that the actuality of the data is very high and the additional data costs are limited.

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