DEIF Alarm LOG and Event LOG

With the remote monitoring system it is not only possible to monitor your DEIF controller 24 hours a day, but it is also possible to access the DEIF controller directly through the DEIF utility software. The advantage of our solution is that you do not need any ICT knowledge to establish remote access. For example, you do not need to set up an IP address or COM port. The data communication box, as well as the router that takes care of a secure connection, is configured by us for a DEIF controller. This means that you only have to connect the hardware.

Video Setup VPN connection for DEIF controller



Video Monitoring change MB ON on DEIF controller



For DEIF controllers, where this information is present on the controller, the active alerts, event log and alarm list are also available.


Figure 1: example active alerts, alarm list and event log DEIF

Do you want to know more about the 24/7 monitoring of your DEIF controller and the remote access to your DEIF controllers via the DEIF Utility Software?