Composite alarm conditions

It is now possible to set composite alarm conditions in addition to single alarm conditions. A single alarm condition consists of one condition that the condition must fulfil, e.g. if Generator reverse power =1 then an alarm condition.

This (single) condition can cause unintended alarms. This condition can be refined by making it a composite condition.

Generator reverse active =1 and Motor status = Running and Delay = 1 minute (i.e. the time a condition must be met before a notification is sent). This reduces the likelihood of unintended notifications.

In the web portal, a composite alarm condition is set via a wizard:

Step 1 – Start new condition creation wizard

Step 2 – General settings

Explanation General

Step 3 – Create condition

Explanation Condition

  • The Edit button sets whether “All” or “One or more conditions” are to be met. In this example, this is set to “All”.

  • The button Add condition allows new conditions to be added.

  • Step 4 – Advanced

    Explanation Advanced

  • Delay – the time in minutes the condition must be met before it becomes active.

  • Dispatch – if the condition is no longer met then the alarm notification can be handled as follows:

  • manual – the notification must be handled manually by a user. After being handled, the notification is moved to the history

    automatic – the notification is handled by the system (the notification is moved to the history)

    delete – the notification is deleted in its entirety

  • Enabled – the notification can be disabled. The system then generates no notifications

  • Step 5 – Notifications – selection of objects for which these alarm condition(s) will be set

    Explanation Subscriptions

    On this tab, the system displays the objects for which alarm rules can be applied. From these objects, a selection can be made which will be notified for the selected alarm rules

    An alarm notification can be sent via Email, SMS and/or Telegram.

    An address book is also available. General data of customers/employees are recorded once in it. A person recorded in the contact book can easily be linked to an alarm notification.