We supply a working remote monitoring system that you only need to connect.

Our modular solution allows you to monitor your generators 24/7 along with the ability to remotely connect securely to your MCUs, controllers, PLCs and other equipment.

We distinguish ourselves from other suppliers by configuring the hardware plug & play for you so that you can easily connect it. The web portal is also set up to your specifications.

You do not have to deal with things like WAN setup, Network setup, DHCP settings, IP addresses, configuring address registers, choice of SIM cards and other technical matters.

What can we offer?

We advise you in choosing a remote monitoring solution.

We provide solutions that allow you to monitor your installations remotely

We supply VPN at an affordable price.

We use SIM cards which use multiple carriers, so you have always a good signal. You can also use your own SIM cards.

We supply a web portal, specifically designed to your wishes. You can also adjust this yourself.

We take care of the connection. Mobile or fixed. 2G, 3G and 4G.

Why would you choose us?

Our business is remote monitoring. Started in 2006.

We unburden. We deliver a working solution

We have skilled colleagues. Our employees are highly trained and knowledgeable.

Available as a cloud solution but also as on-premise (data and source on your own server).

We are brand independent. We are not tied to any brand or supplier. We can therefore choose the best solution at the lowest price.

We deliver plug & play. We make sure it works.