How we work

“no cure, no pay”

We work according to the “no cure, no pay” principle. If we cannot offer a solution, you will hear from us or we will solve it.

How did it all start

“I have a problem”.

“I have over 200 mobile silos filled with dry mortar. These have all been deployed, I can check where they are but I have no idea what the current content is. When a customer calls to ask if we can supply dry mortar, I have to sell “no”, while I know that there is a silo somewhere with a silo that is empty, but I don’t know where. Can you ensure that I gain insight into where a silo is and what the current content is. ”

It all started with this question from the director of MegaMix, supplier of dry mortar (a basic component for cement). It was 2006, construction was booming, but no system was available to remotely monitor the contents of the silos.

We have developed this system.

Unfortunately, the crisis came and demand in construction dropped completely. The content measuring system for silos was only used to a limited extent, but the basis for a remote monitoring system was laid.

What has changed in the past 14 years is that we are also active in other markets, such as monitoring aggregates, cooling installations and various types of machines, but also relatively simple applications such as table dispensers for fruit juice. You can contact us for simple standard solutions but also for complex custom issues.

What has not changed is our passion to find solutions.

Our passion

Our specialty is remote monitoring and remote control. That is where our passion lies. We distinguish ourselves in this area by knowledge. We think along and look for a solution together with you.

Our motto

Since our inception, we have only been concerned with one thing: we bring information that is far away close by. Our motto is: “measure from a distance, control nearby”. And that as simple as possible. And according to the wishes of the customer.

Would you like to know more about what we can do for you? Get in touch with us.