Mobile connection – 2G, 3G, 4G

Our remote monitoring systems use sim cards that transmit data so that it can be monitored via the web portal. The sim cards we use are dedicated data sim cards. Depending on the application, we offer sim cards from, for example, 5 MB, for just monitoring simple applications, up to 500 MB, for using VPN.

You can also use your own sim cards, but using our sim cards has the following advantages:

Global coverage – multi-provider sim cards

The sim cards can be used worldwide. A large number of countries use multiple providers. This has the advantage that if one provider breaks down or has poor coverage in an area, it automatically switches to another provider (multi-provider SIM cards).

North Sea Coverage

The sim cards have coverage in the North Sea, making them suitable for offshore projects.

Abnormal data consumption

The data consumption of the SIM cards is monitored automatically. In case of exceptionally high consumption, we receive a notification, after which we contact you to discuss follow-up action.

VPN connection

Via a VPN connection (a SIM card with a 500 MB data bundle is used for this), it is possible to remotely connect to the controller/PLC to take over control. You can easily establish this connection via the web portal. Data is transmitted via a protected connection. To find out more about “Remote access via VPN” click here


Our prices are highly competitive. Also, more and more countries are being added to the standard EU tariff. In these countries, you will pay the EU tariff. Examples include Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Puerto Rico, Russia, Singapore, South Korea but also off-shore.