MQTT Broker

MQTT is used by us for such tasks as communication with the DSE890 MKII the gateway of DSE. In addition to interfacing with DSEWebNet, this gateway also has the ability to communicate with a third-party MQTT broker, which provides the ability to import data into our system. This makes it possible to work simultaneously with […]

Remote monitoring Woodward controller

With the remote monitoring system, Woodward controllers, such as easYgen 3000 series, can be monitored remotely. The complete address register can be read, as well as (if available on the controller) the alarm list and event log. Alarms can also be reset remotely. You decide what information you want to see and in what form […]

DEIF Alarm LOG and Event LOG

With the remote monitoring system it is not only possible to monitor your DEIF controller 24 hours a day, but it is also possible to access the DEIF controller directly through the DEIF utility software. The advantage of our solution is that you do not need any ICT knowledge to establish remote access. For example, […]

Monitoring CAT EMCP 4.2

The CAT EMCP 4.2 panel can be monitored remotely. For this we use the Modbus RTU option. You can read all information from the CAT EMCP panel via the web application. You can set alarms so that you are notified in time if there are situations you want to be informed about. These can also […]

Remote monitoring via Canbus

With the remote monitoring system it is possible to read Canbus J1939 messages. A standard set with the most important data elements (which can be expanded as desired) is collected, as well as the SPM + FMI and OC codes. You decide which information you want to see and in which form this information should […]

VPN connection

If you are looking for a solution to make a remote secure connection to your machine, then we have the solution. The entire system (from hardware to web portal) is delivered working! You don’t have to worry about things like WAN setup, Network setup, DHCP settings, IP addresses, configuring address registers, choice of the right […]